Mastering the art of storytelling to drive change.

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Principal, Chico & Nunes, Former President, Chicago Public Schools

“For two decades, I’ve watched Michael build and grow successful organizations from scratch. He has a gift for messaging that sticks, but then he takes it to the next level by orchestrating media in order to connect with the target audience. In projects I’ve led both in both the public and private sectors, I’ve always been able to rely on Michael’s strategic counsel and savvy communication skills.”


Former U.S. Representative

“Michael successfully managed one of my toughest campaigns for the U.S. Congress, and I could not have done it without him. When you’re in the foxhole fighting it out every day for what you know is right, there’s nobody better to have at your side. And whether it was funders, voters, staff members or the media, Michael has the unique ability to connect with people in any kind of situation. That’s his magic.”


President, Shriver Center on Poverty Law

“Long before Michael joined our board, I could feel his deep connection to our mission at the Shriver Center. Without question, his speech coaching has made me a stronger and more effective public voice, and he’s always there for our team when we’re in need of savvy communications counsel.”


Former U.S. Senator and Illinois Treasurer

“After reading Michael’s book, Unlock Congress, I reached out and asked for his help on the Political Reform Agenda we were creating at the Stevenson Center on Democracy. His knowledge base and eloquence as a writer and speaker motivated us to make him a Senior Fellow at the Center. It’s been an excellent partnership and, happily, one that continues to grow.”


Principal, Origin Investments

“Michael has the proven ability to build mission-driven organizations that deliver on their objectives. I saw this first hand when we co-founded One Million Degrees, and again when he researched, wrote and promoted his book, Unlock Congress. Michael has a gift for connecting with people, whether through the written word, speech, social media or video — and he’s just as effective when it comes to coaching leaders in these areas.”


Former CEO & Chairman, CEO, Playboy Enterprises

“Michael is driven by his sincere passion to make a difference. But it’s his talent for connecting with people that sets him apart. I have witnessed first-hand the amazing growth of One Million Degrees and its contribution to Chicago. The leadership roles Michael has played in his public service enterprises have helped to change thousands of lives.”


President, Ideaology

“We brought Michael on as a strategic advisor for a national outreach and media campaign. He provided shrewd counsel as we planned the launch, but his networking skills were what blew us away. Michael connected us with principals and decision makers all across the country — and quickly. I’d go into battle again with him in a heartbeat.”


OMD Scholar, Attorney at The Law Office of Jarrett Adams

“You will struggle to find a person as passionate and dedicated to helping others as Michael Golden. I for one am a testament as Michael has played a huge role in me getting my education and becoming an attorney. I may be a bit biased, but when Michael was created, the mold was rarely used again!”