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Michael believes that every single one of us has the power and potential to change the world. Nothing energizes him more than hearing a great story about a game-changing idea or social enterprise — and sharing it on THE GOLDEN MEAN Podcast!

Father-Son Fortnight – Episode 3: Gambling, Part I

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Father-Son Fortnight – Episode 1: Introduction

Is the U.S. Senate broken?

Joe Biden Wins The Presidency, Nov. 7, 2020

Nina Sanchez, Director, Enrich Chicago

Jack Crittenden, Author: “What Hath Trump Rot?”

Carolyn Grisko, President and CEO, Grisko LLC

Sarah Teale, Director, Kill Chain: The Cyber War On America’s Elections (HBO documentary)

Fresno State journalism students talk about navigating college life in the age of Coronavirus

Paige Ponder, CEO, One Million Degrees

Aneesh Sohoni, Executive Director, Teach of America, Chicago & Northwest Indiana

Dave Lundy, President of Aileron Communications, Host of “The Lundy Lunch”

Brian Rosenwald, Author: Talk Radio America

Raj Mathai, NBC News Anchor, San Francisco


“I love learning about cutting-edge ideas and getting to know the dreamers who’re turning them into realities. Tune in to THE GOLDEN MEAN where I’ll introduce you to a fascinating array of social innovators and original thinkers. We’re all in this thing together — so let’s talk about it!”


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