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Ethical Tribing

"This book offers a paradigm-shifting, creative approach to addressing some of the most acutely pressing questions facing the Jewish people today. It deserves to be widely read and meticulously applied."


In the 21st century, the Jewish People face a new and different kind of threat to their long-term survival: a Next Generation that is less connected to both Israel and their own Jewish identity. In Ethical Tribing, Michael Golden and Joanna Landau present a timely solution to this challenge: a counterintuitive strategy, based on the sciences of influence and social media communication, to reclaim global appeal and appreciation for Israel.


“Just as the mavens of past millennia translated the stories of Torah so that they could be understood by the Jewish people, Joanna and Michael have written the digital road map for all of us to translate the stories of Israel and Jewish life for the Next Generation. We should be grateful to them and follow that road map.”

JEFFREY SOLOMON, President, Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies


“Finally, a smart, methodical and well thought out marketing strategy for strengthening Israel and the Jewish people in the age of social media!”

FLEUR HASSAN-NAHOUM, Deputy Mayor, Jerusalem


“In many ways, Israel is a misunderstood country. Landau and Golden do a masterful job of laying out a doable social media plan to attract young people around the world to the real Israel. There is no question that Israel needs this kind of more proactive approach to improve its national brand image.”

DAVID J. REBSTEIN, William S. Woodside Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School


“In a Jewish world too caught up in yesterday’s paradigms, Landau and Golden boldly take the Israel Conversation into the 21st century. Their vision of Ethical Tribing is thoughtful, compelling, inspiring and well-suited to an increasingly lost next generation — as well as their parents.”

GIL TROY, Author, The Zionist Ideas