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The lesson of RFK: To inspire an audience, show them your inspiration

  You are a better public speaker right now than the late Robert F. Kennedy was when he ran for the US Senate. Of course, I don’t know this for a fact, But there’s a pretty good chance it’s true, for RFK appeared lost in front of microphones and audiences during his first campaign. Yet by the time of his tragic passing four years later, Americans were hanging on his every word. What changed? Practice he


To connect with your audience – be YOURSELF

By the time I presented Al Gore with the pages of the speech I’d written for him, his appearance was already running late. It was 2004, and the former Vice President had flown into St. Joseph, Missouri to rally up the troops on behalf of the party’s presidential nominee, John Kerry. At the time, I was Kerry’s Communications Director in the Show Me State, and I had never met Gore before. He was incredibly gra


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