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One step closer to unlocking the U.S. Senate.

At long last, a sitting Democratic President of the United States has publicly announced that he is in favor of having the U.S. Senate operate as the Constitution intended. President Biden, himself a relic of the Senate, announced at the G-&7 this morning that he is willing to suspend the archaic filibuster rules in the upper chamber — in order to codify abortion rights into law. This means NOT requiring 60


Impeachment II: Pelosi’s weekend move to checkmate Trump

If you’re wondering whether impeachment is going to be brought to the House floor, there is a high-stakes game of chicken going on between the Speaker of the House and the President that will take us into Monday…  Democratic Congressmen Ted Lieu and David Cicilline actually started drafting the single Article of Impeachment Resolution on the same day that the Capitol was attacked. In part, it reads:  "Don


Record early vote favors Dems – but will it be enough?

With 19 days left until Nov. 3, a record 18 million ballots have already been cast in 43 states. That is a record. Keep it up. On the first day of voting in Harris County, Texas, more than 130,000 people voted. This was a record, and it was in spite of — or perhaps because of — Governor Abbott’s nakedly cynical decree of allowing only one drop-box per county (Harris carries a population of 4.7 million).


Trump America? The 2020 election will tell us who we are

After three and a half years, Americans know Donald Trump. All too well.  The question is: Who are we?    Last weekend, the president retweeted a video showing one of his supporters yelling “white power!” The misdirection tactic wasn't surprising, nor was its tone. Trump’s shock-jock stream of ugliness is consistent and perpetual. Three hours later, the man who never apologizes was forced to dele


There is a movable middle on impeachment: Will any GOP senators wake up and respond to it?

As politically split as our country was going into the 2016 election, there is no question that we have become even more divided during the course of the Trump presidency.   Yet some of the measure of that division can be found in the emotional intensity of the partisans on opposing sides. It can be easy to lose sight of the fact that there are discerning Americans that sit along a middle range of our political s


Will Democrats find their “Good Fellas” witness to sing on Trump in impeachment hearings?

The reason it is so difficult to convict high-level criminals — including crooked politicians — is that they are usually well insulated. This is something that is conferred by power. The more powerful, the more insulated.  If you’re a Mafia boss, for example, you don’t need to talk on the phone when you’re ordering an assassination. When you’re that powerful, lieutenants come to you. One word, one wav


Our democracy’s stress test: It’s coming on election day

By Michael Golden and Norman J. Ornstein There’s an old saying that in a democracy, people get the government they deserve. The 2018 midterm elections just might prove that theory once and for all. The lightning-rod presidency of Donald Trump has been described as “unprecedented” and “divisive.” But it’s been far more than that. The last 18 months have tested our institutions and system


What line must President Trump cross before Republicans stop rationalizing his actions?

What threshold must Trump cross? When do rationalizations run dry? In the 80's film The Big Chill, a rather shallow character, "Michael" (played by Jeff Goldblum) perplexes his co-star Tom Berenger in an argument they're having over the universality — and critical importance — of rationalizations. Michael: "I don't know anyone who could get through the day without two or three juicy ration


The education (maybe) of Donald Trump

It is no secret that President Trump dispenses lies with reckless abandon. This fact is not in dispute. It is also no secret that Trump has displayed a great number of moral failings and poverty of character during his campaign. Even swing voters who reluctantly voted for the President agree on that point. But beyond the dishonesty and revolting personal conduct, we're now witnessing a young presiden


How to deal with Donald Trump: Liberals now have a huge challenge — learning to distinguish between his mouth and his governance

If you vigorously opposed the campaign of Donald Trump, you might be suffering from some cognitive dissonance as his "Apprentice"-style transition plays out live. If you're one of the millions who were offended by Trump's cruel and bigoted statements — one of which was characterized by House Speaker Paul Ryan as being the "textbook definition" of racism — then you may be contemplating whether it's even possib


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