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Will Democrats finally nuke the filibuster to save democracy — and themselves?

When we finally kill it off for good, it will be an epic day for America. I’m not talking about the GOP. The survival of that party will be up to its voters. Or former voters. And I’m not talking about the political death of the defendant that the Senate just acquitted. I stopped speaking and writing about that politician after January 20. Now that the trial is over, there’s even more reason to ignore him


A national voice to fight Trump’s rogue election tactics: Coming soon?

Tonight the Democrats begin what is sure to be a novel-looking national political convention. Next week, the Republicans will return the favor. But for millions of Americans, political persuasion has already taken a back seat to the imperative of ensuring that our decisions will actually matter.  If we want a presidential election this year where every voter gets to cast their ballot — and every last ballot get


Presidential race may portend final elimination of the Senate filibuster

By Michael Golden and Emmet Bondurant Buried in the vortex of voices shouting at each other during this week’s South Carolina debate were two consecutive answers in which Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg both announced support for a simple rule change that would be a game-changer for the American people: Finally putting an end to the filibuster. For several years we’ve been making the legal argument that


Left, middle or right, The Fulcrum gives Americans a fresh chance to unite

  Several weeks ago, a political reformer named John Palmer composed a tweet urging people to check out an article about "unrigging" our flawed system of government and elections. He called it a "MUST MUST READ." Palmer tagged two organizations (@usapromise and @representus) that are already working to rid our politics of big money corruption and to make all votes count equally in our elections. MUST MUS


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