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The money flood

  (Excerpt from Chapter 5 of Unlock Congress: THE PROBLEM) The lead-off defect in the D.C. 4-3 is the power of the almighty political dollar. In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul described money as “a root to all kinds of evil.” In the campaign world, it is often referred to as “the mother’s milk of politics.” While the other three defects are harmful to either the House o


The full scope of what America’s dumb immigration system costs us

  (The following is an excerpt from Unlock Congress, published in 2015 by Why Not Books) Near universal agreement exists that our approach to both legal and illegal immigration is causing the country pain. The last major immigration legislation Congress passed was the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (Simpson-Mazzoli Act) — a law whose consequences remain controversial nearly thirty years later. Y


More than 12,000 Americans have taken different paths to serving in the U.S. Congress — here’s One.

  [caption id="attachment_2667" align="aligncenter" width="640"] U.S. Representative Melissa Bean wins reelection to her second term in Congress on Nov. 4, 2006.[/caption] This is a reprinted excerpt from Unlock Congress: Reform the Rules — Restore The System, published by WhyNotBooks. As a kid, Melissa Bean was loaded with energy and loved to read. She attended public schools and her parents expected and


The power of one: how America’s last Constitutional Amendment got passed

Sometimes long shots come in. But not unless you shoot. Gregory Watson decided to take his long shot more than thirty years ago. He was just a college student in 1982. Was he interested in politics? Yes. Did he have any inkling that he was going to have the kind of impact once reserved for the likes of Jefferson and Madison? Not in a million years. But it only took a decade. Watson was a sophomore majoring in econ


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