Mastering the art of storytelling to drive change.


Ninety percent of Americans are fed up with Congress — but what’s actually driving the dysfunction? In Unlock Congress, Michael Golden breaks it all down. He weaves together history, data, interviews and anecdotes to zero in on the causes of our defective government.

After diagnosing the disease, Michael lays out a set of prescriptions to reform the rules in order to restore the system. And then he lets everyone know exactly how they can join the movement!

Praise for Unlock Congress

“In his analysis of the ‘money flood,’ Michael Golden has taken one of the most complex and challenging public policy issues of our time and distilled it into a clear and compelling narrative that should stir the public to action.”

MARK MCKINNON, Co-founder of Mayday PAC and former advisor to President George W. Bush


“Unlock Congress is about making bipartisan politics operational once again…His book is readable. And needs to be read. It offers a vial of vaccine for the diseased politics that is crippling us.”

CAROL MARIN, Chicago Sun-Times columnist and WMAQ-TV Political Editor


“Unlock Congress provides precisely what it seeks from Congress: deliberative, historically-grounded, and well-reasoned policy prescriptions as to how a free society should be governed.”

DAN PROFT, Conservative Morning Drive Radio Talk Show Host, AM 560 The Answer, Chicago


“While Unlock Congress offers the most powerful and concise account of the deep failure that is Congress today, the book also gives hope. Amazingly.”

LAWRENCE LESSIG, Harvard Law Professor, Author, Republic Lost