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Write or Die

"Michael Golden is a fearless journalist and master storyteller in the best tradition of Studs Turkel."

In Write or Die, Michael Golden shares his unrelenting passion to make a little sense out of a world he regularly finds senseless. An eclectic collection of his opinion columns and personal anecdotes, Michael explains how the challenge of writing has saved him — and presents ways in which we all just might be able to save each other.


“Michael Golden is that rare writer who approaches his subjects with both a critical eye and a hopeful heart. If you want a ‘one-stop-shop’ that engages the reader as it explores today’s political and cultural dynamic, this collection is for you.”

CHRISTIE HEFNER, Former President and CEO of Playboy Enterprises


“Michael Golden is smart, dedicated, passionate and insightful. It is this combination of qualities that makes Write Or Die so valuable. Whether he is writing something deeply personal or about the ills of our political system, he will make you think and reflect.”

NORMAN J. ORNSTEIN, Senior Fellow Emeritus at the American Enterprise Institute and author of: It’s Even Worse Than It Looks


“A masterfully written book chronicling and revealing a rare glimpse into the private struggles, conversations and triumphs surrounding two of America’s biggest challenges: mental health and electoral politics.”

NELI VAZQUEZ ROWLAND, Cofounder and President of Safe Haven and author of: Healing


“Golden’s chapter on race and injustice should be required reading for any national politico who wants to comment on Chicago gun violence. The author pairs pithy summaries of events that have defined Chicago for generations with intimate, compelling stories that are often obscured by headlines. Write or Die is a gift to the author’s beloved city — Chicago — and to all of us who still have hope for our democracy.”

JOBI CATES, Founder and Executive Director, Restore Justice


“Michael’s clear-eyed and thought-provoking columns demonstrate an encyclopedic command of history, sports, current events and, most of all, a commitment to equal justice for all. In Write or Die, his abiding good humor reminds us of Muhammad Ali’s famous two-word poem: ‘Me We!’”

PAT QUINN, Former Illinois Governor