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Flag phonies: If you can’t see the Trump hypocrisy, take Old Glory down

07 / 21 / 2022

Millions of Americans who oppose Donald Trump will be watching tonight’s House Hearings on the events of Jan. 6, 2021. 

But this message is for folks out there who may still be Trump supporters. There are a number of them whom I’m friendly with. The overwhelming majority of them (if not near unanimity) will not be watching. When you believe in something or someone for so long, it becomes part of your identity. Who wants to come to grips with the fact that you might have been 180 degrees wrong about something important that you believed in? That doesn’t feel good. 

I sympathize with those folks. A little. They are human beings, so you have to try to understand. We are all the same species. 

But I’ll tell you — and this is specifically for them: If you turn your eyes and ears away from what your OWN FELLOW CONSERVATIVES and TRUMP LOYALISTS are saying about a president of the United States who was without question malfeasant — if not criminal — then you have zero credibility left in terms of being a person who thinks for themselves. 

If you can’t hear the truth and you don’t care about efforts to overturn an American election, then you should take down that American flag from your garage. Old Glory stands for the rules in the Constitution — above all — to respect the rule of law and turn power over to the next man or woman who’s been elected to lead our country. Same for senate and congressional districts. 

This ain’t complicated. Once the voters and courts have spoken — unanimously — it’s over. It’s called an election. 

And if you’re still hanging on or supporting people in power who’re lying about it, then you don’t believe in this country the way you purport to. 

Democrats were FURIOUS when SCOTUS made its decision and told election officials to stop the counting in 2000 — that George W. Bush was president. It’s understandable. But there are three branches in this government that has survived for 235 years. Respect them, or find a banana republic to live in and complain about every morning. 

Conservatives/Republicans are generally in favor of lower taxes, less centralized power in the federal government, free markets, deregulation, and so on. Okay. Understandable. So you get to have your say in the public square and in the ballot booth. 

And that’s it. Once the election takes place, man up and acknowledge the winner. No mealy-mouth crap. Say it: “I can’t stand Joe Biden, but he won the election. Unequivocally. I’m an educated person and I can read vote tallies. We’ll get ’em next time. This is the United States. That’s how it works. Duh.” 

Is it so hard? Do you have children? Do you want their voices and votes to count for the next several decades? Then respect the result.  

There is no other way.