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The true frauds of 2020 came straight from the White House

The past year in America has been described as the most tumultuous one we’ve seen since 1968. There were multiple crises that contributed to the 2020 mess, but there is no question that it was made worse by two massive frauds that were committed on our country.  If you look up the word “fraud” in the dictionary, you will find the following definition:  “deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of c


Three ways Congress can muscle up to your voting rights

By Michael Golden and Lawrence Lessig Over the last year, presidential candidates from both parties have ridden to great success the populist cry of a “rigged system” – in which billions of dollars in campaign cash have destroyed the very idea of a representative democracy. The American electorate has embraced this message. Donald Trump distilled the charge to a dozen words: “When you give, they do what


U.S. Reps run for re-election from Day One

This week, for the 114th time in our country’s history, a new U.S. House of Representatives will take the oath of office. But the play clock has already started ticking down on the re-election campaigns of all 435 members. There’s plenty of debate about the problems clogging up Congress. But there is no mistaking that tiny two-year House terms are harmful anachronisms in the 21st century. As far back as 1787,


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