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Presidential race not as rigged as Congress

  “For shame! The system is crooked!” cries Donald Trump. “The presidential primary process is rigged!” “Foul! A pox on superdelegates!” cry Bernie Sanders supporters. “Let the people decide!” You’d think that all this heightened focus on “the rules” would put happy expressions on the faces of political scientists and reform activists. But I’m not smiling. And the reason is becau


Is anything more important to a candidate than talent on TV?

Fifteen years ago, I was asked to manage my first major political campaign, for a U.S. Senate candidate from Illinois who was personable and had a gleaming biography, as well the ability to raise plenty of money. Gery Chico had served as chief of staff to the mayor of Chicago, and both President Bill Clinton and the Chicago Tribune had credited him with leading a dramatic turnaround of Chicago’s public schools. Tho


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