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Alyssa Rapp, CEO, Surgical Solutions and author of Leadership & Life Hacks

Brian Gryn, Health Coach & Founder of Get Lean – Eat Clean

Shelley Jacobs, Founder, Chicago Is My Boyfriend on Instagram

Kate Sullivan, Host of “To Dine For” on PBS

Allison Task, Coach and Author of “Personal (R)evolution”

Bethany McClean, Author, Vanity Fair Contributor

James Kaplan, Sinatra Biographer: “The Voice,” “The Chairman”

Brad Herzog, Author & Idea Catcher

Bob Hercules, Documentary Filmmaker

Wendy Falcon, Author, “Turn Your Life Insight Out”

J’aime Radow, Life Coach & Brand Consultant

Lisa Kueng, Author, “Picture Your Prosperity”

Tom Nichols, Author, “The Death Of Expertise”

Yael Luttwak, Documentary Filmmaker

Steven Sloman, Author, “The Knowledge Illusion”

Kevin Baker, Author

Amanda Matti, Author, “A Foreign Affair”

David Mendell, Author, “Obama – From Promise to Power”

Frank Bruni, New York Times columnist


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